The centre networks with different agencies in Belgium, in target countries (where we have close collaboration with MOH) and in international networking.

In Belgium

International networks

Institutional collaboration

The W&CHRC is committed to strengthen the capacity of young research groups in low and middle income countries and develop together mutually the skills required to produce excellent socially relevant research. This is done through the guidance of PhD candidates in W&CH and through specific projects aiming at supporting collaborative institutions.

Collaborative institutions

Current PhD researchers

  • Bouchra Assarag : Maternal acute severe morbidity in Marrakesh, Morocco.
  • Shahabuddin ASM : Analyzing the patterns of maternal and new-born health care-seeking behavior among adolescent women in Nepal and Bangladesh; a transdisciplinary approach.
  • Mukesh Hamal: Social Accountability in Maternal Health Services in India and Nepal. (coordination VU University Amsterdam).
  • Saloua Abouchadi: Maternal death surveillance system in Morocco.
  • Alexandre Delamou: Long term follow-up of women after an obstetric fistula repair in Guinea.
  • Bettina Utz: Gestational diabetes in Morocco.