A list of specific research according to themes:

Research title Promotor
 Role of food supplements during pregnancy on child growth and development.  Kolsteren, Roberfroid
 Mycotoxin exposure through breast milk and infant growth  Kolsteren, Roberfroid
 Omega 3 fatty acids and infant growth  Kolsteren, Roberfroid
 Preparing for clinical trials with vaginal rings that protect women from HIV and unintended pregnancy.  Delvaux, Crucitti
LUCOMA: alternative approaches for treating moderate acute malnutrition in 6-24 month children in Burkina Faso Koslteren, Roberfroid
Early identification and community based approach for low birth weight infants Kolsteren, Criel
School based intervention to improve physical activity and diet of adolescents Kolsteren, Van Camp
Patient centred counselling to improve infants diets in Uganda Kolsteren, Roberfroid
Preventing malnutrition through cash transfer Kolsteren, Roberfroid
Village health teams to improve continuum of care to pregnant women and neonates in Uganda Kolsteren, Criel
Postpartum morbidity in Marrakech, Morocco Assarag, De Brouwere
Assessing the impact of fee exemption on maternal health in West Africa and Morocco: new tools, new knowledge (FEMHealth) Richard, Marchal, Dubourg, Meessen, De Brouwere
Maternal Death Surveillance System and Response in Morocco Abouchadi, De Brouwere
Impact of H4+ on maternal and neonatal outcomes in Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Zambia,Zimbabwe Corbex, Dubourg, Van der Vecken, De Brouwere